Using The Rear Rotisserie Burner

Arranging The Grill Rotisserie

  1. Remove cooking grids and warming racks from barbecue if necessary
  2. Centre a drip pan under the rotisserie positioning it so it will be beneath the centre of the roast
  3. Preheat the barbecue with rotisserie burner on MEDIUM HIGH for 10 minutes

Placing The Meat On The Spit Rod

  1. Slide one of the skewer forks onto the rod and tighten it securely
  2. Insert the spit rod lengthwise into the centre of the roast securing it in place with the remaining fork
  3. Tighten the fork securely

Testing That The Meat Is Evenly Balanced On The Spit

  1. Loosen the spit balance
  2. Lay the rod over the sink, allowing the heavier side of the roast to rotate to the bottom
  3. Adjust the balance to the highest point to counterbalance the weight, and tighten the rod handle
  4. Insert the spit rod into the rotisserie motor and turn rotisserie motor on
  5. Check to see if the meat turns smoothly while cooking and adjust the balance as necessary

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